Moneyac – Monopoly Board Game

Moneyac is a free business board game. You can play against the Artificial Intelligence or your friends. All this and much more is enabled in Moneyac, the real-estate board game that you will love.
The aim of the game is to become a millionaire among all players and to make as much money and property as you can.
To win, you must play very well and need to be a little lucky. Just Roll the dice and be monopol in the world.







Yanık is a card game. This game, which is played with cards, is partly similar to 51-101. The main goal is to finish the cards as soon as possible in the game. Yanık game is played with 2 pieces of 52 playing cards and 2 jokers. Its gameplay is very similar to 101 and it is a game that requires sequences in the logic of hokey.







Amerikano is a unique member of the Rummy family. Amerikano is very similar to the card game 51 and it is a game that requires sequences in the logic of okey. It is played with 2 decks of 52 pieces. (102 + 2 jokers).








Asteroid -Simple Space Shooting Game

Asteroids is a simple game, you just need a touch to play. Shot with colorful balls and destroy all asteroids. If you like shooting games, you like asteroids. The simplest but most addictive shooting game.
Asteroids are orbit but their turn speed is changeable. Be careful!
Astronaut disappeared in the depths of space. The lonely astronaut is waiting for your help.









Batak card game is one of the most played coffeehouse games such as Okey, Tavla, Pişti. For a fun and enjoyable time, download the Batak card game for free and play without the internet.








Block Crush Puzzle – Tetris

Block Crush Puzzle is a simple addictive and free classic blocks puzzle game. It can be played within a few seconds anytime to refresh your mind. It is a perfect period of refreshment in the metro, bus, school, or in the office. With this simple and addictive block puzzle game. The goal is to drop blocks in order to create and destroy full lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally.







Block & Snake 

Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break the bricks.
Try to break as many bricks as possible.
Get apples and make the biggest snake ever!

Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores!







Christmas Link

Christmas Link is a free fun puzzle game. This is a kind of swiped Christmas decoration pieces which is a match-3 puzzle game and very attractive connect lines puzzle game!
This is also a very challenging game to practice reaction speed. There are many crazy puzzles that are created from Christmas decoration pieces in the snowy and cold winter. It’s an addictive game for everyone.








Cowboy Runner

It’s a full-fledged Zombie attack this time. Help the cowboy run out of the desert escaping hurdles and zombies in an arcade-style gameplay.










Cube Mania

It’s fun playing when you are bored when you are at a boring meeting or at the bus stop.
Just tap and hold for black cube and release for the white cube. Collect diamonds and points.










Istanbul Guide

The historical and important places of Istanbul are in Istanbul Travel Guide with close to 500 places under 25 categories.

With the Istanbul Travel Guide created for the list of places to visit in Istanbul, you can find information about many places to visit and see in the city.











Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

More than 18000 questions are waiting for you, especially in the categories of General Culture, History, Geography, Culture, Art, Sports, Literature, Music, Magazine, and Cinema, with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
More than 18000 questions are waiting for you to have fun and learn new information.








Match King

Match King is a visual memory game. You can increase your concentration and decrease your attention deficit with this visual matching game that you can play in 3 different levels (Easy, Medium, Hard). Strengthen your memory and have a pleasant time with 11 different game options.









Pisti is a card game based on card counting and chance. Pişti is a card game played with 52 cards. The player who reaches the game with 51 points wins. You can set the game endpoint from the Settings section.
Download the free game of Pisti, which is one of the popular coffeehouse games such as Okey, Backgammon, and Batak, and play without the internet.










UNO Card Game

Play the world’s number one card game like never before. UNO has all-new rules,
tournaments, adventures and so much more!
At home or on the move, jump into games instantly.
Whether a UNO veteran or completely new, take on challenges and reap the rewards.
Uno is the ultimate competitive family-friendly card game.









Word Crush Puzzle

Find new words from letters with Word Crush Puzzle.










Word Maze Puzzle

Word Maze Puzzle is a brain teaser for kids and adults. If you like word scramble games, you will like Word Maze Puzzle. Questions are outside but answers are inside the maze.










Word Planet

Do you enjoy word puzzle games? Here comes the perfect word games for you!
Word Planet is an exciting puzzle game for true word geniuses! Concentrate to find all hidden words in given letters and connect them anyway you like to catch the word!